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Turning Everything on its Head

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Sam Harrison, Aggregate: Turning Everything on its Head

Sculptor and print maker, Sam Harrison’s commitment to the figure is evident in both his choice of materials; bronze, waxed plaster, pigment and concrete, and the imposing tangible presence of his subjects.   Harrison describes the works in Aggregate at the Jonathan Smart Gallery as ‘full figures standing upright, but their forms have been reduced and upended.   They have this feeling of being a full figure but are only a fragment and that has become more interesting as I break them down.   Less is more.’ 

‘The sculpted figures continue to be developed from my drawings, which are made from life sometimes only capturing a fragment of what’s in front of me. This is what informs the sculpture.  I have been working on Torso for two years now.  I have lived with it and I have paired it back and now it is from a space between the figure and abstraction and that is a dangerous and good place to be playing.  Everything is turned on its head.’

Sam Harrison, Aggregate

Jonathan Smart Gallery

52 Buchan Street, Sydenham

4 April – 6 May

IMAGE:  Sam Harrison, Torso, 2023, flocked aggregate, plaster and steel, 630 x 340 x 260mm.


Turning Everything on its Head

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