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Christchurch Art Seen

No city in Aotearoa New Zealand knows better than Christchurch that at times of crisis people reach-out to the arts.  This has happened once more in the Covid-19 lockdown period.  What we also see is that the arts reach back into the community. For Christchurch Art Seen this has occurred through continuing weekly emails and updating social media sites, featuring local artists and conversations about their newly created work.

Christchurch Art Seen was established in January 2019 to host guided tours each week to art galleries, artist studios, artist-run spaces and public institutions. Through our walking tours we have been able to highlight what is happening across the arts community in Christchurch and are well-placed to do so again once the city reopens. Over the past year of art touring local people have often walked away surprised to discover something they did not know existed in the city.

The future for our walking tour business is positive. As a small and nimble operation we have already proven agility during our first year of touring. We are in the fortunate position of being able to create new tours the moment galleries open and artists with studios happy to receive us.

Christchurch Art Seen is unique to the city, passionate about the art scene and well placed, with your support, to make local tourism a priority. Once restrictions are lifted and we, the people of Christchurch, are able to move out of our bubbles, local business is going to need our local support and we will be ready to provide our high-value tours again. Christchurch is a strong and active arts city and with our patronage we will see that vibrancy come into prominence once more.

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  1. Tour guide Reuben Woods introduces New Zealand street artist Chimp’s (AKA Ash Sisson) Organic Matters at Christchurch Justice and Emergency Services Precinct, Lichfield Street.

Christchurch Art Seen - Art Tours will return

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