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New works from Kara Burrowes at Chambers Gallery in July touch upon the visible influence of time, place and circumstances in Lockdown Series 25320201159, a title that needs no explanation. Yet, although a shift in terms of materials and the working of surfaces, in Burrowes’attention to the surfaces she manipulates and refines, there remains a heightened awareness about abstraction as a language that broaches the line, structure and visual weight of each image and its potential for narratives connected to the histories of the artist’s found materials.

Where previous works asserted a physical presence in the space of the gallery through Burrowes’ latticed orchestration of reclaimed wood, works in the current exhibition are more outwardly subtle and refined.

If previous works sometimes appeared to be mischievously loud in reaching out for attention, in Lockdown Series 25320201159 they are no less welcoming, just more reserved about the invitation that they are making. Burrowes comments that mark making is equally at the forefront of these new works. ‘White panels were etched and drawn into using multiple layers of plaster, sanded and etched to reveal a history of marks…. Wanting to make use of existing reclaimed materials from my garage, I cut and assembled, using the same neutral white tones but accenting with colours seen from the deck of my house every day, in particular, the sunrises.’



Kara Burrowes, Lockdown Series 25320201159

Chambers Gallery, 241 Moorhouse Avenue

23 June - 11 July



1.  Kara Burrowes, Wood II, 2020, recycled timber and spray paint

2.  Kara Burrowes, KB Quara, 2020, Plaster-ash-charcoal-pencil-paint


Kara Burrowes, Lockdown Series 25320201159

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