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More than 3,000 years of human history and artefacts from Greek, Roman, Egyptian and Near Eastern cultures, The Teece Museum of Classical Antiquity’s “Logie Collection” represents the commitment and ongoing presence of the University of Canterbury to the central city and education in 2023. 

The collection has its origins in 1957 as the James Logie Memorial Collection and lecturer in Classics from 1944 to 1977, Marion Stevens, who had married Registrar of Canterbury University College, James Logie in 1950.  Following his death in 1956 she established the James Logie Memorial Collection as a tribute to her husband, gifting it to the University.    In 2016 UC alumnus Professor David Teece and his wife, Leigh Teece, donated funds for the refurbishment of the old Chemistry Building in the former University grounds (now the Arts Centre), creating the Teece Museum of Classical Antiquities.


The Teece Museum of Classical Antiquities
UC Arts City Location, 3 Hereford St, Christchurch

Wednesday – Sunday 11am – 3pm


  1.             JLMC CC14, Plaster cast of the Euthydikos KoreAfter an original statue found at the Acropolis, 1882–87, in the Athens Acropolis Museum (Inv. 686), ca 490 BCE. Purchased 198
  2. 2.    Lebes Gamikos, connected to the BM Centaur Group in the Darius-Underworld Circle, 350 BC, made in Apulia, ceramic pottery, Red-Figure, height including lid 153mm; Height to lip 110mm; Diameter 920mm; Diameter of lid 570mm, donated by M.K. Steven, 1970, 107.70

Teece Museum of Classical Antiquities Logi Collection

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