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Sewikon & Papaleonida, Porotaka, acrylic on woods.


Seikon & Papaleonida, Porotaka

Travelling through the Philippines and Aotearoa in 2020, Robert Seikon’s and Anastasia Papaleonida’s artist residency at urban art gallery Fiksate in Sydenham, Ōtautahi during this period was an opportunity for the artists - and for Fiksate - to celebrate the gallery’s and artists’ commitment to urban contemporary arts practice and abstraction.

Robert Seikon is from Poland and Anastasia Papaleonida frome Greece, and collaborating from 2019. Fiksate gallery comment: Seikon's geometric murals can be found around the world in a long list of solo and group shows, and Anastasia's dynamic, monochrome abstract forms, featured in gallery exhibitions and murals, interacting with numerous buildings, their locations and surface. Also see: SEIKON & PAPALEONIDA (







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